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Your Innovations Core

OnCore is Mozrt’s core solution and our answer to today's core banking challenges. Our system is built to be highly flexible and modern, supporting a wide range of APIs and enabling real-time updates through webhooks. 


A 24/7 powerhouse that operates with relentless speed, executing lightning-fast transactions. At the core of Mozrt's operations, OnCore stands as an always-on, non-stop engine, guaranteeing uninterrupted availability.


OnCore offers easy access to global payment networks, supports various payment types and multi-currency transactions, and seamlessly integrates with banking and payment systems. Our innovation core is a highly adaptive, agile enhancement to bring legacy core infrastructure up to speed.


A sophisticated system packaged in a lightweight design. Integration with OnCore unlocks Mozrt's expansive technology, empowering businesses with a suite of capabilities—from simple-yet-sophisticated cross-border payments to real-time payment technology, domestic banking services, and cutting-edge account opening functionalities.

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A Modern Core is the Only Option

As a financial institution, are you struggling to get your providers to innovate? To get you the services you want and need to complete? Your core provider is stuck in the past; archaic systems and endless red tape are holding you back. Enter OnCore, not just an option but the only option. We're not about gradual change; we're about introducing next-gen solutions today. 

  • OnCore's API-first, cloud-native technology prioritizes agility and scalability

  • Versatile integration options: innovation core, sidecar core, backup core, or foundational core solution

  • Seamlessly bridges the gap between legacy banking systems and innovation without disruption

  • OnCore is always on, 24/7, operates in real-time, and is engineered for constant availability 

Attract tech-focused clients who are seeking modern financial institutions that can move as fast as they do. 


At Mozrt, we understand the world of payments, but we also speak the most modern language of development that contemporary clients are looking for. When you leverage OnCore for your institution, you can extend its innovative capabilities out to fintechs, ISOs, and other tech-forward clients and partners. Here's what you can offer that will make you stand out:

  • Fast, reliable, and uninterrupted service, operating 24/7 

  • A lightweight architecture allows fintech companies to scale efficiently and adapt to changing market conditions

  • A versatile platform that supports their entire payment ecosystem, enabling seamless integration and enhanced customer experiences

  • Rapid onboarding, easily integratabtle APIs, and a whole suite of capabilities that unlock as a result of integrating with OnCore


Step Behind the Curtian

OnCore’s agile architecture ensures simple API integration, enabling a smooth transition without disrupting existing systems. Say goodbye to complexities and hello to a future-ready platform that sets new standards for efficiency and innovation in the financial landscape.

You Choose OnCore

We Stand You Up

You Level Up

Your Innovation Core

OnCore is your adaptable core solution, introducing innovation to enhance outdated systems for financial institutions or enabling fintechs to enter the payments arena with ease.

Your Backup Core

With OnCore as your backup core, ensure continuous operations, preventing downtime and disruptions. 

Your High-Power Sidecar

Leverage OnCore as a high-power sidecar to enhance your core, boosting financial operations without disruption.

Your Foundation for Integration

OnCore acts as your seamless integration foundation, unlocking Mozrt's suite of innovative financial solutions for a powerful ecosystem.

When you integrate with OnCore, you unlock the ability to
turn on everything you want and need with Mozrt's full suite
of services. From our international payments to our real-time onboarding solution, we give you everything you need and nothing you don't.




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