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MFX: Mozrt's International Payment Solution 

Mozrt's MFX platform is a game-changer in the world of international payments and foreign exchange. With a focus on meeting customer expectations, MFX offers online international USD and FX wire services with a modern, intuitive customer experience. 

International USD Payments

Traditional methods for international USD payments have historically been complex and manual, but Mozrt revolutionizes the process. Our International USD solution makes the process easier than ever, simplifying and modernizing the entire experience.  

International FX Payments

Cross-border FX payments can be cumbersome and many financial institutions avoid this offering completely. At Mozrt, we do the heavy lifting, enabling institutions with quick and simple end-to-end FX solutions that they can leverage and extend directly to their clients to do the same. 

Download Free Global Payments White Paper

If you want to learn more about the challenges MFX addresses, the solution itself, and how we've supported institutions like yours in elevating their international offerings, download the whitepaper now. 

Abstract Background


Our integration solution creates a seamless circle, connecting your financial institution from your banking core, across your organization’s teams and branches, and back to your liquidity provider(s). This end-to-end integration extends capabilities to clients through your digital channels, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your organization.


We empower your clients to initiate payments through digital channels, eliminating the need for manual processes. Through integration with your banking systems, the Mozrt MFX solution performs automatic compliance checks, debits accounts, verifies information, and supports dual approvals. MFX's automation streamlines the experience for every stakeholder.


We believe in making international payments easy for everyone, regardless of expertise. The MFX solution requires no training, offering a straightforward solution for financial institutions and clients. By removing complexity and providing all the necessary information, we ensure that anyone can initiate cross-border payments effortlessly.

Enhance Your Customers' Experience 

This all-encompassing solution supports banks and credit unions by enhancing their operations while simultaneously empowering their clients with unparalleled global payment functionality. 

Instant Currency Transfers

Send money instantly in a range of approved currencies, ensuring rapid and efficient transactions.

Real-Time FX Rates

Access live foreign exchange rates, allowing informed decisions and maximizing the value of transfers.

Security & Simplicity


We aim to simplify international financial activities, making managing global payments easier than ever with uncompromising security protocols every step of the way. 

Seamless Connectivity

Connect effortlessly to multiple global payment providers for both USD and FX international payments.

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Key Features

MFX For Your Institution & Your Clients


Dual Approval





How It Works

When a financial institution onboards with Mozrt to utilize MFX, three simultaneous advancements occur:

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  1. Seamless Onboarding and Integration: The financial institution collaborates directly with Mozrt to onboard and seamlessly integrate MFX into its operations.

  2. Organization-Wide Empowerment: The institution gains the ability to extend MFX's capabilities across the entire organization, including branches and various departments, ensuring a comprehensive utilization of the platform.

  3. Digital Client Connectivity: Moreover, the institution can effortlessly extend MFX's functionality through all of its digital channels, enabling direct access for its corporate clients to enjoy the benefits of streamlined foreign exchange transactions.

What Are You
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Reach out today to embark on a collaborative partnership, combining Mozrt's unrivaled expertise with your visionary ideas to revolutionize the financial landscape. Together, we can create something truly extraordinary and shape the future of finance.

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