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Meet Mozrt

The modern world moves fast, and rather than waiting for banking to catch up, Mozrt is turning up the tempo today. We bridge the gap between traditional banking and contemporary technology, empowering banks, credit unions, and fintechs to seamlessly transform their payment and FX processes, increase customer satisfaction, and unleash new revenue opportunities. 


Traditional banking has one foot in the past.
Our eyes are fixed on the future.

Headquartered in Minnesota, Mozrt was founded by CEO Jeff Althaus. Jeff has decades of industry experience in the finance and technology spaces. In previous roles, Jeff saw US banks' struggles in adopting new technology and the ensuing challenges for tech-forward companies working within the constraints of the US banking system.


Mozrt was born from this need, formerly WireFX, the journey began in 2019 to fulfill the need to create a fully integrated digital payment solution for financial institutions. From that time, Mozrt grew steadily, significantly expanding its reach and capabilities to become a leading fintech provider in the industry.


Our team, suite of services, and overall impact are rapidly expanding, and we can't wait to show you what we can do. 

Our Story

Our Technology

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At Mozrt, we bridge traditional finance with modern banking through secure, customizable services for both old-school and contemporary clients. Our compliance-focused platform empowers banks and credit unions to transform payments, elevate customer satisfaction, and tap into fresh revenue streams.


Our approach covers local to global payments, virtual accounts, and integrated compliance. We're also the go-to for fintech and tech-forward companies, offering API-centric banking, FBO accounts, and a full suite of payment capabilities.

At the foundation of Mozrt is OnCore. OnCore is Mozrt’s core solution and our answer to the challenges surrounding core banking. It’s always on, unlocking real-time, 24/7 banking. 

The Composer

Why Mozrt, you ask? The name pays homage to one of the greatest composers of all time: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Like Mozart, we strive for perfection in everything we do, from our platform to our customer service. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, and we're dedicated to delivering that through our technology and expertise.

We work to create harmony between traditional banking and modern, technology-forward companies. At Mozrt, we're the conductor of financial technology innovation, orchestrating the perfect harmony between tech-forward companies and traditional finance. 

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Our Values

The Art of the Possible

We dream big, exploring multiple angles to uncover innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.

Crescendo of Curiosity

We eagerly gather and analyze data to make sound decisions and track success metrics continuously.

Humble Harmony

By setting aside ego and embracing a humble approach, we create an environment where collaboration and respect flourish.

Dynamic Adaptability

With patience as our conductor, we lead projects from inception to completion, harmonizing the diverse elements necessary for success.

Echoes of Listening

We understand the power of listening. We actively seek to understand the needs and perspectives of our partners, clients, and teammates.

Symphony of Speed

We understand the importance of speed and efficiency in today's fast-paced world, and we orchestrate our efforts with precision and swiftness.

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A Word From
Our Founder

Jeff Althaus

Our original goal was to make international payments faster, cheaper, and more secure. But as we grew, we realized that we could also offer a lot of value to businesses that needed a more holistic approach to financial management. At Mozrt, we believe that magic happens when we innovate together. We unlock a world of possibilities through strategic partnerships and create solutions that shape industries.
The future of banking strikes a harmonious balance between technology and tradition. Combining these elements brings enhanced services, personalized experiences, and unwavering security for customers worldwide.


At Mozrt, we exist in the space where tech meets tradition. The future of finance is API-first, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this transformation.

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