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Mozrt For Financial Institutions
A Contemporary Cadence

By combining advanced banking services, streamlined payment solutions, and unrivaled technology, Mozrt sets up financial institutions to lead the charge in the digital age.

The ‘Old Way’ Isn’t An Option

In an era of rapid technological advancements, traditional financial institutions are grappling with the challenges of digital transformation. Outdated systems, complex processes, and limited innovation hinder their ability to meet the evolving needs of tech-forward customers. Partnering with Mozrt equips financial institutions with cutting-edge solutions, enabling them to embrace the digital revolution, enhance customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition.

Solving Financial Institutions’ Modern Challenges

Your Challenges
Our Solutions

Complex Regulatory Compliance

Financial institutions face the challenge of navigating complex regulatory landscapes, resulting in compliance burdens that consume valuable time and resources.

We’re Compliance-Focused


Benefit from automated compliance checks, robust KYC procedures, and comprehensive reporting tools that ensure adherence to regulations while reducing the administrative burden for financial institutions.

Lacking Payment Capabilities


Financial institutions often struggle with limited payment capabilities, making it difficult to offer diverse payment options and cater to evolving customer preferences.

We Have Options


Mozrt empowers financial institutions with comprehensive payment solutions, including domestic and international payment capabilities, virtual accounts, card issuing, and merchant services

 Inefficient Integration Processes


Financial institutions face challenges in integrating disparate systems and technologies, resulting in inefficient processes, data silos, and fragmented customer experiences.

We’re API-First


Leverage our modern APIs, real-time data synchronization, and scalable infrastructure to achieve seamless integration across various platforms.

 Limited Global Reach


Financial institutions struggle with limited global reach, inhibiting their ability to offer international payment capabilities and expand their market presence.

 We Have A Global Mindset


Mozrt unlocks global potential for financial institutions by offering comprehensive international payment services, including inbound and outbound FX payments and advanced cross-border payment solutions.

Lengthy Time-To-Market


Financial institutions face challenges with lengthy development timelines, impeding their ability to bring new products and services to market quickly and stay ahead in a fast-paced industry.

 We Move Fast


We employ agile development processes, modular architecture, and cutting-edge tools to accelerate product launches, swiftly respond to market demands, and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

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Your Modernization Starts Here

If you’re ready to step into the modern era of banking and discover the potential it holds, let's talk about the many ways Mozrt can support you.

Account Services

  • FBO and core account options

  • Ledger / subledgering

  • Creation and management of:

    • Virtual accounts

    • Umbrella accounts

    • Multi-currency accounts

  • Merchant services

  • Card issuing

  • Alternative payment methods

  • Digital onboarding

  • KYC/KYB workflow tools

  • AML transaction screening tools

  • API integration to regtech providers

Integrated Banking Bridge

  • Modern banking core optimized for domestic and international payments

  • Direct access to global payment networks:

  • Domestic wire and ACH

  • International wire and low-value payments

  • FX payments in 130+ currencies

  • Real-time payment ready

  • Management of international payments origination

Scalability Services

  • Configurable notifications

  • Configurable webhooks

  • Complete API accessibility

  • High availability

  • Backup core services

  • Real-time instant payments

  • 24/7 support and availability

Why Mozrt?

Working with Mozrt is the right choice that will propel you forward. Here’s why:

We Move Fast

We're driven by speed and agility, enabling rapid implementation of growth strategies, seamless integration of services, and swift adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

We Bridge the Gap

With our deep understanding of both technology and finance, we bridge the gap between the two domains, offering comprehensive expertise that allows us to precisely address your challenges.

We Empower Transformation

We empower your institution to embrace digital transformation, harnessing the power of advanced technologies and modern infrastructure to streamline operations.

We're Customer-Centric

We put you and your customer first. With our solutions, advanced analytics, and personalized services, we help you build strong customer relationships, drive loyalty, and exceed expectations.

Latest Insights

  • How can Mozrt support our rapid growth and scalability needs?
    Mozrt's API-first approach, streamlined processes, and comprehensive suite of services are designed to meet the demands of fast-growing fintech companies, enabling seamless scalability and empowering you to expand your operations swiftly and efficiently.
  • How does Mozrt ensure compliance with regulatory requirements?
    Mozrt is committed to upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance. We offer automated onboarding, compliance-as-a-service, and robust KYC solutions to ensure that your operations align with the regulatory landscape, enabling you to navigate complex compliance requirements efficiently and with peace of mind.
  • Can Mozrt facilitate international expansion and cross-border transactions?
    Absolutely. Mozrt provides a comprehensive suite of global payment services, allowing you to seamlessly execute outbound FX payments, receive inbound payments, and tap into international markets. Our partnerships with leading financial institutions enable smooth cross-border transactions, empowering you to expand your global footprint.
  • How does Mozrt ensure the security and protection of our sensitive financial data?
    Mozrt prioritizes the security of your data with robust encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and adherence to industry-leading security standards. Our partnership with an FDIC-insured nationally chartered bank ensures the safeguarding of your funds and transactions.
  • How quickly can we integrate with Mozrt's services and start leveraging its capabilities?
    Mozrt prides itself on its seamless integration process. With our modern API architecture and user-friendly developer resources, you can integrate Mozrt's services swiftly and efficiently. Our goal is to empower you to start leveraging our capabilities in a matter of days, not weeks or months.
  • What level of transparency can we expect from Mozrt regarding fees and pricing?
    Mozrt believes in transparent and fair pricing. We provide clear fee structures and pricing models, ensuring you have full visibility into the costs associated with our services. Our commitment to transparency extends to open communication and collaboration regarding any pricing-related inquiries.

What Are You
Waiting For?

Reach out today to embark on a collaborative partnership, combining Mozrt's unrivaled expertise with your visionary ideas to revolutionize the financial landscape. Together, we can create something truly extraordinary and shape the future of finance.

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