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The Global Money Movement platform for fintechs

Mozrt helps financial technology companies build innovative payment experiences. Get started in weeks - not years.

Key benefits


You build the payment experience -
we connect it to the infrastructure of global banking and payments


Modular rest API design - use only what you want


Compliance | USD accounts Ledgering | Payments

You've created a world-class client experience - now connect it to the global banking system

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Domestic Payments

Account Ledgering

FBO Accounts 

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International Payments

Modern Technology

Speed to market

FDIC Insured

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Compliance first capabilities

  • Onboarding interface tools

  • KYC/KYB workflow tools

  • AML Transaction Screening

  • API integration to Regtech providers

Direct access to global payment networks

  • Domestic wire and ACH 

  • International wire and low-value payments 

  • FX payments in 130+ currencies

  • Real-time payment ready

Money transfer
FBO and core account options
  • Digital onboarding

  • Ledger / Subledgering 

  • Nationally Chartered Sponsor Bank

  • FDIC Insured

Scalable technology stack
  • Virtual accounts

  • Umbrella accounts

  • Multi-currency accounts

  • Merchant services

  • Alternative payment methods 

  • Configurable notifications and webhooks

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Why Mozrt? 

Power your payment experience

One platform for compliance, accounts, and payments.

Use only what you need

Our modular design allows you to integrate only the services you need. 

Client partnership

Let's work together to figure out the best way to deliver to your customers.

Ready to build the payment experience your customers want?

Get in touch with our team below. We’re excited to hear about your growth plans, learn about your current setup, and tell you more about Mozrt.

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