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Redefining Onboarding for the Digital Age

Say goodbye to slow and clunky onboarding processes. Amadeus by Mozrt is here to redefine the game. With its seamless and instant online account creation, comprehensive compliance management, and real-time verification, Amadeus empowers financial institutions and fintechs to deliver a next-level onboarding experience that's fast, secure, and tailored to meet the needs of today's tech-savvy clients.

For Your Financial Institution

Amadeus streamlines operations, automating onboarding and enhancing efficiency. It offers robust compliance tools, ensuring regulatory requirements are met. This results in increased customer acquisition and retention, supporting growth through scalability.

For Your Customers 

Amadeus enables instant account creation, simplifies onboarding, and offers real-time identity and fund verification. Customers can easily manage their accounts with self-service capabilities, all while prioritizing security and delivering a modern banking experience.

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Instant Account Creation

Amadeus enables customers to open bank accounts immediately, eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork or physical branch visits. They can access financial services swiftly and conveniently from anywhere, at any time. With Amadeus, customers can verify their funds in real-time, enabling immediate access to banking services.

Enhanced Compliance Management

Amadeus ensures financial institutions meet regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of non-compliance. It provides robust identity verification, real-time fund verification, and comprehensive background checks, safeguarding the institution's reputation and mitigating fraud risks.

Modern Banking Experience

Amadeus offers customers a modern and technologically advanced banking experience. By embracing digital solutions and eliminating traditional barriers, customers can enjoy the convenience, speed, and accessibility of digital banking services.

Amadeus Changes the Game

This all-encompassing solution supports banks and credit unions by enhancing their operations while simultaneously empowering their clients with unparalleled global payment functionality. 

Seamless Online Account Creation

Individuals can open bank accounts across multiple channels in a matter of seconds. By entering their personal information, the system creates an account swiftly, eliminating the need for time-consuming paperwork and in-person visits.

Instant Account Funding

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Clients can connect their existing bank accounts seamlessly and verify details in real-time. This eliminates the hassle of manual fund transfers and enables individuals to use their accounts immediately.

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Back-end Reporting

The system empowers advanced reporting capabilities, providing financial institutions with valuable insights into customer onboarding processes. Automated workflows streamline operations, reduce human error, and improve overall efficiency.

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Key Features

Amadeus For Your Institution & Your Clients

Instant Account

Instant Account


Automated Fund &
Account Validation

Customization &


How It Works

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  1. White-Label Integration: When your financial institution partners with Mozrt, you gain access to our APIs to seamlessly integrate Amadeus into your services. This integration is entirely white-labeled, meaning it's customized to match your institution's branding, creating a consistent and branded experience for your clients. From the moment your clients interact with Amadeus, they will recognize it as an extension of your trusted financial services.

  2. Account Creation on Behalf of Clients: One of the remarkable features of this partnership is your institution's ability to create accounts on behalf of your clients. Whether you're working with individual customers or business clients, you can use Amadeus to streamline the onboarding process. This means that opening new accounts, making adjustments, and managing client information becomes a seamless and efficient process, enhancing your overall client relationship management.

  3. Empowering Your Clients: The partnership with Mozrt also empowers your clients by providing them with the capabilities to create accounts on their own. Your customers can enjoy the convenience of initiating and managing their accounts, including personalization and preferences, all within your institution's trusted ecosystem. It offers them a level of control and convenience that enhances their banking experience.

  4. Instant Account Creation, Verification, and Funding: With Amadeus, the creation, verification, and funding of new accounts occur instantly. Clients experience a swift, hassle-free process that eliminates the lengthy delays often associated with traditional banking setups. As soon as your clients complete their onboarding process, they can access their accounts with all the necessary details, such as account numbers and routing information, immediately available. Real-time fund verification ensures secure and rapid transactions.

What Are You
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Reach out today to embark on a collaborative partnership, combining Mozrt's unrivaled expertise with your visionary ideas to revolutionize the financial landscape. Together, we can create something truly extraordinary and shape the future of finance.

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