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Mozrt Named Among Top 30 Most Promising Cross-Border Payment Companies Of 2023

Cross-Border Payment Companies: Mozrt Named Top 30

Over the past several months, Mozrt has undergone a lot of change. From a massive rebrand from our original name, WireFX, to Mozrt, with a new look and feel to match, to a series of partnerships, new and evolved service offerings, and more, we’re sprinting in a big way. As we charge ahead, we’re honored to share this journey with our clients, partners, and community. At the core of all that we do is our mission to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the tech-forward world we live in today. With each stride, we’re working to serve more banks, credit unions, fintechs, and businesses with fine-tuned financial technology that is fitting for the present and future of the digital landscape.

Our original goal when Mozrt (WireFX, at the time) began was to make international payments faster, cheaper, and more secure. Our goals, capabilities, and range of services have grown substantially since then. But, we’ve remained true to our roots and continue providing ever-evolving cross-border solutions to financial institutions and fintechs. We are proud to announce that Mozrt has been named one of the 30 Most Promising Cross-Border Payment Companies for 2023 by FXC Intelligence. This recognition is enormously meaningful to us, serving as a reminder that we have and will continue to deliver what we’ve always set out to do.

Daniel Webber, CEO and founder of FXC Intelligence, said: “Mozrt has gone through a major rebrand this year with international payments still a crucial part of its offering, as shown by the company’s recent cross-border partnership with Standard Chartered. The need for established banks that are still using legacy systems to change and Mozrt’s offering for them is why it is one of FXC Intelligence’s 30 Most Promising Cross-Border Payment Companies in 2023.

As Webber said, we’re in the business of bringing financial institutions into the modern era of banking, and our cross-border offerings are our answer to a sector of banking that has had one foot (or both) in the past for far too long.

Mozrt’s FX Solution: MFX

Mozrt's MFX platform is a game-changing solution in the realm of international payments and foreign exchange. It offers a seamless and intuitive experience, simplifying two key aspects: International USD Payments and International FX Payments. With Mozrt, traditional complexities and manual processes have become a thing of the past.

MFX's integration solution creates a comprehensive circle, connecting financial institutions across their entire organization and enabling clients to access these capabilities through digital channels. Automation is at the core of MFX, eliminating manual processes, performing compliance checks, and streamlining the experience for all stakeholders.

Simplification is key to MFX, as it ensures that anyone, regardless of expertise, can easily initiate cross-border payments. When a financial institution adopts MFX, it experiences seamless onboarding and integration, empowers its entire organization, and extends the platform's functionality to digital channels, facilitating streamlined foreign exchange transactions for corporate clients.

About FXC Intelligence

FXC Intelligence, a leading authority in cross-border payments data, serves intergovernmental organizations such as the World Bank and the Financial Stability Board. Their critical data is instrumental for major banks, payment providers, and tech giants, shaping their daily operations and strategies. With high-frequency updates, they monitor pricing, market size, and product changes, granting clients a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market. FXC Intelligence offers insights into card and e-commerce pricing and keeps pace with the growing significance of cryptocurrencies in global payments. Their widely read newsletter, delivered weekly, provides unique cross-border payment analysis and insights, keeping subscribers well-informed. You can stay ahead of the curve by signing up for their newsletter.

Moving Forward

We’re honored to be recognized as one of the most promising cross-border payments companies of 2023. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us to modernize and simplify your institution or business’s cross-border systems, click here to explore our offerings and get in touch to start the conversation.


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