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A Fintech’s Guide To Choosing Future-Proof Partnerships

Updated: May 23, 2023

A Fintech's guide to Choosing Future-Proof Partnerships

As a fintech, choosing the right partnerships is critical to your success. Partnering with the right companies can help you to grow and evolve in the industry, while the wrong partnerships can set you back and potentially damage your reputation. But how do you choose the right partnerships? What factors should you consider? Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Can They Move Fast

Speed is crucial in the fintech industry, and partnering with companies that move fast is essential. It’s important to work with companies that can stand you up quickly, keep up with your pace and have the agility to adapt to changes in an instant. As Mozrt Founder and CEO, Jeff Althaus, says, "You need to partner with companies that can move at your speed or faster. You can't afford to be slowed down by a partner that is stuck in the past."

Do They Understand The Past, Present, and Future of Tech

Your partners should have a deep understanding of the fintech industry and where it’s headed. They should be able to anticipate trends and stay ahead of the curve. According to Althaus, "Partnerships should be forward-looking, and you need to work with partners that are on the same wavelength as you. It's essential to have partners that understand the past, present, and future of technology and the financial industry." At Mozrt, we know tech, and we know the ins and outs of the payments and finance space better than most. We understand that there are two essential parts of our industry to have an all-encompassing understanding of, and we don’t compromise in either area.

Do They Have a Good Reputation

Partnering with companies with good reputations is important to build trust and credibility with your customers. You want to make sure that your partners are reliable, trustworthy, and have a track record of success. You don't want to risk your brand by partnering with a company that has a questionable track record.

Are They Certified, Regulated, & Compliant

Regulatory compliance is essential in the fintech industry, and partnering with companies that have all their ducks in a row is important. You want to make sure that your partners are certified, regulated, and compliant with all the relevant laws and regulations. Althaus notes, "You need to partner with companies that have their regulatory and compliance measures firmly in place. This will save you a lot of headaches down the road."

Do They Have Valuable Partnerships Themselves

Your partners should have their own valuable partnerships that can benefit your company. It's important to work with companies that have established relationships with other industry leaders and innovators. You need to look for partners that have a strong network of partners themselves. This can help you gain access to new markets and technologies.

Can They Scale Up & Grow With You

Your partners should be able to keep up with your growth and be able to pivot quickly if needed. They should have the resources and expertise to scale up rapidly and support your growth. Althaus explains, "You need to work with partners that can scale up with you and can pivot quickly if needed. This will help you to stay agile and adaptable in a constantly evolving industry of payments and banking."

Do They Have Modern, Future-Proof Technology

Partnering with companies that use modern, future-proof technology is key to keeping up with the rapidly evolving fintech industry. Fintechs should look for partners who use the latest technologies and have a forward-thinking approach to development.

Jeff Althaus emphasizes the importance of technology: "In the fintech industry, technology is everything. Fintechs need partners who use modern, future-proof technology to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible services to their customers."

Are They Your Team Of Experts

In the fast-paced world of fintech, having a team of experts available to support you and guide you with your goals and best interests in mind is crucial. Look for partners who have dedicated teams of professionals who can help you navigate the ever-evolving industry and make the right decisions for your business.

As Jeff Althaus, founder and CEO of Mozrt, notes, "Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our partners succeed. We work closely with each of our partners to understand their unique needs and goals, and we provide them with tailored solutions that help them achieve success."

Having access to experts who understand the intricacies of the fintech industry, payments, and banking can give you a significant competitive advantage. They can help you navigate complex regulatory frameworks, identify new opportunities for growth, and provide you with valuable insights that can help you make better business decisions.

At Mozrt, our team of experts is available to provide our partners with the guidance and support they need to succeed. We pride ourselves on our ability to build long-lasting relationships with our partners and help them achieve their goals. From product development to marketing and sales, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to help our partners thrive in today's competitive fintech landscape.

Choosing the right partners is critical to the success of any fintech company. By selecting partners that fit these criteria, you can position your company for long-term success.

At Mozrt, we offer a wide range of services to our fintech partners, including FBO accounts, payment capabilities–domestic & international–pay-ins & payouts, sponsor bank, card issuing, and merchant services. If you want to talk about partnering with Mozrt, we want to hear from you.


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