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Mozrt and SHAZAM Join Forces to Transform Card Issuance Services

Minneapolis, MN, August 10th, 2023 – Leading fintech company, Mozrt, is pleased to announce its partnership with payments industry pioneer, SHAZAM. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in card issuance services, providing an advanced and integrated solution for rapid market entry.

Financial institutions and fintechs require efficient and modern card issuance solutions now more than ever. The conventional methods have limitations that impede speed, flexibility, and innovation. Recognizing this need, Mozrt and SHAZAM have joined forces, leveraging their strengths to deliver a transformative solution.

Mozrt's integration with SHAZAM's robust infrastructure enables financial institutions and fintechs to effortlessly issue physical and virtual cards. By seamlessly integrating with SHAZAM's extensive debit & ATM networks, it facilitates real-time fund validation, ensuring efficient transactions.

Mozrt ensures a frictionless experience for businesses and customers through FBO (For Benefit Of) account connectivity and real-time capabilities. Mozrt's modern front end enhances the overall customer experience and ease of use, leveraging SHAZAM's powerful infrastructure.

Furthermore, Mozrt's platform meets the rising demand for contactless and mobile payment solutions by enabling direct issuance of cards to customers' virtual wallets.

Setting this partnership apart is Mozrt's unparalleled ability to provide BIN

(Bank Identification Number) sponsorship through its sponsor bank—a crucial element of card issuance. Unlike competitors, Mozrt offers end-to-end connectivity, eliminating the need for multiple service providers. From BIN sponsorship to integration with industry giants like Visa and MasterCard, Mozrt's comprehensive solution grants businesses exceptional command and efficiency.

"Our partnership with SHAZAM is a game-changer," said Mozrt CEO, Jeff Althaus. "By combining our advanced technology, direct account connectivity, and BIN sponsorship capabilities, we deliver a complete card issuance solution. No other provider offers this level of integration, convenience, and control. When speed to market is your priority, this is your best option."

The alliance between Mozrt and SHAZAM accelerates time to market and enhances customer experiences by streamlining the issuance of physical and virtual cards. Mozrt's elegant, modern technology, combined with SHAZAM's extensive network and sophisticated gateways, provides a high-speed, high-tech solution for card issuance.

"With almost 50 years of experience serving the financial services market, our partnerships with fintech and emerging market programs continue to grow. This partnership with Mozrt and their forward-thinking platform empowers financial institutions and fintechs to transform their payment processes. We're excited to bring SHAZAM's card issuance program to this innovative organization,” said Terry Dooley, EVP & COO of SHAZAM.

The partnership between Mozrt and SHAZAM redefines the card issuance landscape, offering unmatched integration, efficiency, and control. By simplifying the process and providing a comprehensive solution, Mozrt and SHAZAM lead the way in driving innovation in the financial services industry.

For more information about Mozrt and its partnership with SHAZAM, please visit and

About Mozrt: Mozrt helps fintechs and tech-forward companies by providing embedded banking services, FBO accounts, and domestic and international payment capabilities, all with an API-first approach. Mozrt is empowered to offer these capabilities to tech-forward companies in a high-speed, high-tech capacity thanks to partnerships with an FDIC-insured nationally chartered bank in the US. The company supports modern clients by directly offering more banking solutions while, in turn, allowing financial institutions to support tech-forward clients who they might otherwise never be equipped to work with.

About SHAZAM: SHAZAM pioneered the PIN-debit point-of-sale transaction, still used worldwide today. We're the only nationwide independent, member-owned debit network, processor, and core provider supporting a wide variety of financial and technology organizations. Since we don't answer to shareholders, we can reinvest profits to serve the next generation of consumers. SHAZAM ensures our clients have the products and services they demand as a trusted payments partner.

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