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Mozrt's cutting-edge core banking solution, redefines the future of financial services. It is the answer to the industry's pressing need for modernization, replacing archaic banking systems with a high-tech, high-speed alternative. OnCore stands as a beacon of change, addressing the challenges faced by both financial institutions and fintech companies.

For Financial Institutions 

For traditional financial institutions trapped by rigid, costly, and outdated core systems, OnCore offers a lifeline. It revolutionizes banking operations, providing a modern alternative without the need for extensive personnel or procedural changes. OnCore empowers banks to deliver seamless domestic and international payments, multi-currency transactions, card issuance, and automation. It's the gateway to a new era of efficient, user-friendly banking.

For Fintechs

Fintech companies seeking rapid growth and innovation find their perfect partner in OnCore. This solution unlocks direct access to global payment networks, real-time transactions, and comprehensive account management. Fintechs can seamlessly integrate with regtech providers, backed by configurable notifications, webhooks, and 24/7 support. OnCore fuels fintech revolutions, ensuring reliability and efficiency in one package.


Modernization of Financial Infrastructure

Mozrt's OnCore solution brings a modern approach to core banking, replacing outdated systems to meet the evolving needs of businesses and clients effectively.

Rapid Integration and Onboarding

OnCore offers swift integration, reducing the timeline from weeks or months to just days, providing a seamless transition to a dynamic embedded banking experience.

Comprehensive Financial Empowerment

OnCore offers a wide array of financial services, from global payment access to multi-currency transactions and digital onboarding, empowering financial institutions and fintechs with efficiency and modern capabilities.

OnCore: The Future of Finance

Discover the exceptional features of Mozrt's OnCore solution that propel your financial institution or fintech into the future of banking.

Global Payment Networks

OnCore provides direct access to global payment networks, facilitating diverse transactions, including foreign exchange payments in 130+ currencies and real-time transactions.

Flexible API Integration

The system is optimized for versatile API integration, supporting a wide range of APIs and enabling real-time updates through webhooks, ensuring rapid and seamless integration for clients.

Comprehensive Financial Suite


OnCore delivers a comprehensive suite of financial services, including virtual and multi-currency account management, merchant services, and card issuance, making it a versatile solution for various financial needs.

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Reliable Efficiency

With high availability, backup services, and 24/7 support, OnCore ensures both reliability and efficiency, serving as a dependable backup core system or central payments core, ideal for modernization efforts.

How It Works

When a financial institution onboards with Mozrt to utilize OnCore, the process looks like this:

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  1. Choose OnCore Solution: Financial institutions and fintechs opt for Mozrt's OnCore solution to modernize their core banking systems, replacing outdated infrastructure with a dynamic and efficient alternative.

  2. Seamless Integration and Onboarding: OnCore supports rapid integration, reducing the integration timeline to a matter of days. This enables clients to swiftly access global payment networks, multi-currency transactions, and other comprehensive financial services.

  3. Real-Time Transaction Dynamics: OnCore ensures that all transactions and interactions occur in real time, providing clients and users with a responsive embedded banking experience.

  4. Flexible Implementation Strategies: OnCore can serve as a high-power sidecar for institutions seeking tech-savvy clientele or as a reliable backup core system for contingency planning. Alternatively, it can function as the central payments core, offering modern, lightweight APIs designed to meet specific banking process needs.

  5. Efficiency and Reliability Assurance: OnCore guarantees high availability, backup services, and 24/7 support, providing clients with reliability and efficiency in the contemporary financial services landscape.

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