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Mozrt’s answer to modern card issuing

While traditional approaches typically offer only the basics—Mozrt changes the game with Figaro by providing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution in a single, efficient, and cost-effective platform. Say goodbye to the complexities of the past and embrace Mozrt's streamlined approach, empowering you to navigate the card landscape with ease and confidence.

For Your Institution

Issuing your own cards offers unparalleled control over features, design, and branding, enhancing your brand image and customer experience. It also unlocks new revenue streams, such as interchange revenue and transaction fees. Figaro's API gets you started in just a few months, compared to the industry average of 9 to 18 months, ensuring a competitive edge with a comprehensive solution for all card issuing needs.

For Your Clients

Clients benefit from faster card issuance, real-time fund validation, and instant virtual cards, streamlining their financial transactions. User-friendly interfaces and robust security provide peace of mind, while seamless integration with digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay adds convenience. Embrace this modern card issuing approach for efficient financial management and effortless transactions.

Delicate Fabric


Mozrt's Figaro service offers end-to-end solutions for card issuing, including BIN sponsorship, gateway connection, ledgering services, and real-time validation, simplifying the entire process for financial institutions.


Figaro seamlessly integrates with an institution's existing ecosystem, making the roll-out of the program and the client experience completely seamless, ensuring a smooth transition and user experience.

Modern Banking Experience

Mozrt's streamlined processes and sub-second validation ensure efficient and rapid card issuance and transaction management, saving time and resources for institutions and clients alike.

Why Now is the Right
Time to Embrace Modern Card Issuing

In the world of card issuing, complexity is the norm. Assembling a program involves coordinating multiple key players and intricate steps to ensure a seamless flow of funds and information among networks, providers, financial institutions, and cardholders. Here's where Mozrt steps in, simplifying the entire process for you.


Mozrt's program prioritizes speed, allowing institutions to get their card issuing program up and running quickly, reducing the typical time frame from 9-18 months to just a few months. This speed-to-market advantage is crucial for staying competitive in the industry.

Cost-Effective Program

Mozrt offers a cost-effective card issuing solution, helping institutions minimize expenses while maximizing revenue. By streamlining processes and eliminating the need for multiple service providers, Mozrt ensures a cost-efficient program.

Bank & BIN Sponsorship 

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Mozrt provides comprehensive bank and BIN sponsorship services, serving as a sponsor bank and offering end-to-end connectivity for consumer and corporate BIN sponsorship to Visa and Mastercard. This essential feature simplifies the card issuance process and reduces reliance on external parties, saving time and resources.

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Key Features

Figaro For Your Institution & Your Clients







How It Works

When a financial institution onboards with Mozrt to utilize Figaro, the following process unfolds in record time:

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  1. Sponsorship Initiation: Mozrt begins by acting as your sponsor bank, an essential first step in the card-issuing process. We provide sponsorship to Visa and MasterCard, ensuring your institution can participate in card issuance.

  2. BIN Sponsorship Simplified: Leveraging Mozrt's end-to-end connectivity, you can access consumer and corporate BIN sponsorship for Visa and Mastercard seamlessly. This eliminates the need for multiple service providers, streamlining the process.

  3. Streamlined Network Connection: Mozrt simplifies gateway and card network connections, making your BINs accessible across all relevant networks via a single access point. Complex tasks like ISO integration and months of setup are handled effortlessly.

  4. Automated Ledgering and FBO Accounts: Our automated ledgering system tracks and records card and account details, ensuring accurate records of transactions, purchases, payments, and cardholder balances. We also provide FBO accounts, connecting users seamlessly to card network gateways and sharing real-time data.

  5. Sub-Second Validation and Integration: Mozrt's sub-second validation verifies and manages every card issuance, transaction, and balance instantly, ensuring compliance and efficient operations. Additionally, our comprehensive back-end APIs seamlessly integrate with your front-end mobile application for the management of virtual cards, enhancing your client experience.

What Are You
Waiting For?

Reach out today to embark on a collaborative partnership, combining Mozrt's unrivaled expertise with your visionary ideas to revolutionize the financial landscape. Together, we can create something truly extraordinary and shape the future of finance.

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