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Contemporary Account Opening to Accelerate Growth

We’ve taken best-in-class account opening solutions and created the next-generation onboarding platform. You get everything you need to empower your institution and your members, customers, and corporates to open, verify, and fund accounts in record time. We're changing the game for banks & credit unions starved for deposits.

✔ Digitize everything in an instant.
Through top-tier open banking, Mozrt ensures real-time funding and instant compliance checks, providing reserved account numbers for new clients.

✔ Onboard customers anytime, anywhere.
Mozrt opens accounts 24/7, including holidays and weekends, offering a competitive edge through its seamless onboarding capabilities for immediate access to banking services.

✔ Surpass customer expectations.
Open new accounts in minutes with Mozrt's rapid compliance checks and immediate account setup. The user experience is modern, simplified, and completely use-friendly. 

✔ Attract valuable clientele.
Clients opening checking accounts on Mozrt typically fund an average of $5,000 in initial deposits, creating substantial value. Instant funding capabilities eliminate dormant accounts and drive your institution's overall success. 

✔ Launch fast, skip the hassle.
Utilizing our expertise in core banking and industry insight, Mozrt ensures quick, painless, and efficient implementation. 

✔ Step up to meet the big players.
A cost-effective alternative to industry giants, prioritizing speed, efficiency, and accessibility, ultimately boosting your financial institution's profitability in a fiercely competitive market. 

"We're consistantly seeing client accounts opened in under a minute!"

Mid-Sized Bank CEO, OnBoard+ User

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Modernize your onboarding process to see results like these


Increase in new accounts


To open a customer account


Average first-time deposits


Accounts funded upon opening

OnBoard+ Changes the Game

This all-encompassing solution supports banks and credit unions by enhancing their operations while simultaneously empowering their clients with unparalleled functionality and ease of use. 

Speed, Efficiency, and

In a world of financial heavyweights flexing their expensive setup fees and monstrous monthly charges, OnBoard+ steps in like the efficient, cost-savvy hero the underdogs need. OnBoard+ is that breath of fresh air, delivering speed, effectiveness, and high-performance tech without the painful price tags.

Instant Account Funding

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Clients can connect their existing bank accounts and verify details in real-time. This eliminates the hassle of manual fund transfers and enables individuals to use their accounts immediately.

Drive Increased Deposits

OnBoard+ revolutionizes the deposit landscape, driving growth for financial institutions by streamlining processes, ensuring accelerated onboarding, and ultimately driving increased deposits and limiting dormant accounts.

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Key Features

OnBoard+ For Your Institution & Your Clients

Instant Account

Instant Account


Automated Fund &
Account Validation


Leveraging Open

How It Works

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  1. White-Label Integration: When your financial institution partners with Mozrt, you gain access to our APIs to seamlessly integrate OnBoard+ into your offerings. It's entirely white-labelled, so your clients will recognize it as an extension of your financial services.

  2. Account Creation on Behalf of Clients: Whether you're working with individual customers or business clients, you can use OnBoard+ to streamline the onboarding process. Opening new accounts, making adjustments, and managing client information is quick and easy.

  3. Empowering Your Clients: Your customers can easily initiate and manage their accounts. It offers them a level of control and convenience that enhances their banking experience.

  4. Instant Account Creation, Verification, and Funding: With OnBoard+, the creation, verification, and funding of new accounts occur instantly. Clients experience a quick, hassle-free process. As soon as your clients complete their onboarding process, they can access their accounts with all the necessary details, such as account numbers and routing information, immediately available. Real-time fund verification ensures secure and rapid transactions.

What Are You
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Reach out today to book a demo and begin transforming your account opening process. It's a game-changer, and we're ready to bring you up to speed.

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